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All About Cremation

Create a modern memorial for your loved one’s remains.

Many people are choosing to cremate, but that doesn’t mean they have to sacrifice the healing, traditional elements of a burial. Let us help you create a memorial onsite—because it’s helpful for many families to have a physical marker of remains. We can provide a range of flowers and décor accessories so you can best reflect your loved one at a service and much beyond. An onsite memorial becomes a place to commemorate a life and gather beyond the home, at a permanent and meaningful location In addition, please know you can bring remains to the cemetery any time, even long after cremation.

Cremation Columbarium

Cremation Columbarium 

A permanent resting place for those who choose to be cremated.

Even when a loved one chooses to be cremated, it is still important to have a permanent resting place for friends and families to visit and pay their respects. We offer multiple cremation columbariums. Our newest has a sidewalk and granite benches for seating. The urn of your loved one is placed inside what we call a 'niche' which has a granite plate that seals shut. On the plate we will laser etch the name, dates, and a photo of your loved one.

Traditional ground burial

Traditional ground burial

Ground burial for urns

Another option for the disposition of cremated remains is ground burial. The urn of a loved one can be buried in a traditional ground plot. If one spouse chooses to be buried and the other cremated, both can be placed in the same grave space. 

Design a Cremation as Unique as The Life Lived

When choosing cremation, the options for a final resting place are limitless. Let us walk you through the possibilities as you choose the right service for your loved one.

Types of Cremation Memorials

Design a way to house cremated remains that expresses a life and gratifies the living.

A permanent resting place is something to consider carefully. Ask yourself about the kind of design that would best commemorate the life lost and provide a fitting place for family and friends to gather at a service and many years to come. Here’s a selection of our offerings.